Start Slim and Grow

Very often I got clients calling me and asking me what’s the difference between shared hosting, VPS and Dedicated Server ? Should I get my own server ?

My advise to clients is always to start slim, go pure vanilla first and upgrade should you have the needs further down the road.

Shared hosting is usually the fastest and the easiest to get online. You signup for a plan with a hosting company and within 2 days you should be up and running. Go for Linux server if you are going to run wordpress or joomla. Navigating through the cPanel is easy and straight forward, you can setup you mails, sub domain all within this portal.

VPS, Virtual Private Server, used to be done only on mainframe system. Due to demand and technology advancements it is now commonly available from hosting company. VPS is a term whereby a physical server, Storage Space, RAM, Processing power and resources is divided equally among the total number of server being partitioned out.

You have more bandwidth and more space for your usage, You should also be able to have it up and running within 2 days, but it depends on provider also. Setup time will varies. With a VPS, you actually have more control over the server as each partition is individually managed and can also be rebooted remotely and individually. You decide what operating system to install and use, some providers will install Linux operating system for you, if you need windows server, then you need to buy the license. cPanel and WHM (WebHost Manager) You would need to buy license for this also. Some provider offer a leased package also. But you need more skill set in managing a VPS when compared to a shared hosting, there are more things to take note of and cost is definitely higher than shared hosting.

Managed Dedicated Server, in simple words is leasing a server from your provider and using their bandwidth and rack space. You have full control over the whole server, exactly as what you have from a VPS, just that now you are running the whole server, you get to use all the resources on the server. Most provider leasing you the server will offer managed services, which include, physical server reboot, parts replacement if there is a faulty part and different provider provide different level of services. Skill set for this, has to be the highest, though you could always ask for support from the provider. Costing for this is also the highest.

Therefore, workout your cost and ROI, and see which plans suits you. But as I said in the start, it’s never wrong to start slim and grow. Especially for fresh bloggers, you have to consider your operating cost and unless you don’t have a budget you can go for your own server, but for inexperienced bloggers, it’s the best to start from a shared hosting and learn how to manage the tools and as you gain more experience, you will have more confidence to handle more complex tools.

What if you need dedicated server or VPS but got no experience to handle it? There are providers out there whom you can actually outsource the management portions of the job to them, let the pros do the job like I often say. Concentrate on your business and leave the technical job to technical providers. Outsource jobs that you are not familiar with, don’t waste your own time and effort.

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