Blogging with Windows Live Writer

windows writer1Blogging with Windows live writer gives me the freedom and option to do offline writing and editing before I post my post. This program gives me the freedom to write at anyplace when I have sudden thoughts and would like to post it to my blog, in the past, I normally need to write onto my notepad if I’m offline and then when I got to my site, I would need to copy the article and then paste into onto my WordPress Editor. After which I need to sort out the alignment, font size, font color, before I publish my post, It could take quite some time to do this cosmetic job.

With Windows live writer, I can write my post anywhere and anytime, online or offline, I can fix up all cosmetic job and once I’m done, I just post it, easy as that.

windows writer2

Picture highlighting the feature of Windows Live Writer

There is so much feature I like about it and I highly recommend you to use this program for writing your blog contents. Simple to use and it has all the features that I need, I can insert picture easily and do simple touchup to the picture, resize it to the size I want. You can set your categories, tags, and also insert table, video and so on, Not forgetting you have the options of adding watermark to your picture also.

The only minus point is that it is not SEO ready. I still have to manually login to my post after publishing to do my SEO Entry Online.

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