Hyperlinks (test it)

page-not-found Although this has been said and repeated again and again, I felt that I must highlight it again, I just saw a high profile blog site and click on one of it’s link. Opps, page not found, I check the link and saw that a dot was left out.

In this case, it is just a simple link to another external site, so not much is lost. Most user close it and forget it,  Some click on the link again hoping to get a page displayed and I believe, I belong to the minority of the user, who actually bother to check the link and troubleshoot what is wrong with the link. There are even times that I got an incorrect link, which means it links to another site other than the intended site.

If this were to be a very important link for some information or an affiliate links, you might be losing money and creditability. This is something that bloggers and web master should take note of. 

I know that sometimes we are in a rush to get something published and it human to err,  as for my case, I often double check on my links and be sure that it is the correct link. For affiliates links, I test and also make sure that the click is registered. It actually reflect quite badly on the site to have invalid links. It’s a small thing and sometimes it is ignored, but the consequences might be severe.

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