Remaining focused when starting your first blog

Even the seasoned bloggers will tell you that for you to remain focused and determined in the blog business you have to maintain and keep a close eye to posting on your blog just to monitor it. Now the question that pops up is how you should actually manage a repetitive task of maintaining a close eye to the blog especially if it’s your first blog. The following are some of the guidelines that will help motivate you and ensure that you remain focused and determined throughout the ordeal

Avoid checking your Blogs Traffic every hour

This might sound strange because since you are new you should be monitoring how much traffic your blog is attracting. Yes it is true that many bloggers especially the new ones check how much traffic their blogs attracts many times a day,  it is a nice feeling to see a post break out and enjoy the outcome of your social network and how it is attracting attention but experts say that traffic statistics become only useful when they are viewed after a significant period of time This means that for one to have an actual trend that shows what works and what does not in the blog will most definitely show up after a duration of time like maybe a week or more. This time will also give the blogger a chance and room to improve and concentrate on the quality or quality oriented services and products. Anyway this does not call for one to avoid checking the progress of the blog but for him/her to prioritize on the bread and butter of the blog

Make experiences relevant to your Niche

Apart from experiences being a great way to come up with post ideas, staying knowledgeable on how an experience relates to a particular niche is a favorable mindset that will make it easier to turn the experiences and ideas into readable posts.

For example, a fashion blogger is able to see that a particular suite of gadgets  is available in a single stylish color or a technical blogger will figure out that a particular denim jacket he/she is trying out has got gadget friendly pockets that are large enough without necessarily looking bulgy or buggy

Make a content schedule

Even though this point is only applicable to certain niches only, it is important to determine the kind of content for particular days so that you create a readers expectation that will result to repeated visits. The expectations work in both ways allowing the blogger to adhere to a theme that avails a framework for research. For example when a blogger has learnt that tip list comes out every Thursday, they will spend the rest of the days forming and coming up with ideas to suit the theme. This sound like the blogger will be planning his visits

Come up with a clear comment guidelines

Even though you are a solo operator, the most basic guideline you can give is the prohibition of profanities. This will mean that you will be having more time writing and not managing comments. Profanities will stick out when any quick scan of moderated comments is done allowing quick clicks on the delete links with an understandable degree of certainty.

Keep in mind the reasons why you are blogging

Blogging is a tiring activity as it requires an output all the times with the above tips one will remain focused and determined when starting a blog. But again one should know how to categorize the reasons for starting a blog. You might start a blog to help others or share useful tips with them online or still maybe to make money for established bloggers. Whatever the case is, if the reasons for starting a blog are still appealing to you, they will definitely return the focus to you when you start wavering.

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