Review on plugin “Link Checker”

link checker A couple of weeks back, I published a post “Hyperlinks (test it)”, Most bloggers will definitely have problems managing links, especially external links to pages, posts, download files and so on, because you won’t know when the postmaster decide to tear down the site or move the pages. It is definitely a headache to keep checking your site for broken links. As I already mentioned before, broken links will reflect badly on your blog and if it is an important links to a source of information, you will disappoint your readers.

I was searching for new plugins to play around with and I chance upon this plugin named “Broken Link Checker”, A very simple plugin but also a very important plugin. What this plugin does is searching your site for links and report to you on any broken links that you might have.

This plugin is also easy to use, Just install it and under the settings page on your wordpress, you will see a link named “Link Checker”. Clicking on it will bring you to the plugin’s settings page and over here, you can configure how often this plugin will scan your site for broken links, with settings like Broken Link CSS, Exclusion List, Custom Fields, Timeout for every links, Temp directory and Maximum execution time per scan. Simple as that. Just a few settings to get you going and it will definitely saves you a lot of time rather than manually going through every page and post to check on every links that you have. Imagine the time save if you have a 500 posts blogs.  

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