Marketing your first blog

When new bloggers hear about the need of marketing their bogs, they get confused and wonder how on earth one can market a blog. For beginner bloggers, or I should say those who are just getting used to stuff online, they tend to think that blogging is only about writing an article and posting it to the site and wait to see how money flows in. There is something more than just writing a blog and placing it on the internet; blogs, like your businesses, need to be properly marketed. If you have managed a business before, you should know that the initial start is the hardest. You need proper planning, you need to do your S.W.O.T analysis, you need to check on your competitors. There is a lot more, and it is by itself another topics, which I will write soon.  So here are some quick tips for you to read and ponder upon first.

Making the blog of exceptional quality

One important thing you need to do is optimize the blog by making sure the content is of high quality and support it by marketing it successfully. You should know that writing alone won’t make your blog any better even if you have written and published it in a quality and informative style. Be informed that your blog will be as well as dead however good your articles are if no one is reading them. Marketing your first blog makes the site have more traffic hence giving you a lot of money in return.

When you scrutinize the word marketing you realize that it strives to mean trying to promote, sell and distribute a product or service. Therefore, by marketing your first blog, you will also be promoting it and the content to a willing website user.  What you need to do in order to make it captivating and irresistible is by enhancing it and striving to design it even better through the following ways;

Content must be of high quality

The content of the blog must be of good quality since failing to write scintillating and high quality content will basically make marketing of the blog difficult. With poor marketing, you can end up selling a few of them but once the customer reads them, it’s the end of the road.

Improve on the design of your blog

Proper design will definitely show how well your blog is and how good it is for the learning enthusiasts. Do not make a blog of a muddled design; you will never get the readership you want. I have to admit that I’m never a good designer, and I just do not have the creative sense in my brain, but I do at least make sure that my blog color matches and the words are readable. I often chance upon blogs that have excellent contents only to be let down by color mismatch, which will cause you to strain and stress your eyes if you really read it for more than a minute.

Simplify your search engines

Your search engines should be friendly to the users; remember that it is not only people who will access it. Spiders too will want to read your blogs hence struggling to make blogs attractive for them will definitely lengthen the time they spend on your site and make them come back.

Therefore, a few simple step to market your blogs?

You can start by;
•    advertise blogs via PPC and Adword; this may be through Infolinks, Adbrite, Google Adwords among others
•    Try to bookmark the blog on websites that offer the bookmark services.
•    Use the social networking sites to market your blogs such as Myspace, Friendster and Facebook.
•    Use Search Engine optimization as this is one of the best ways you can easily pull many traffic to your blog.
•    Become an active member of forums; this means participating in answering questions or even joining selected discussion groups. These members will definitely know you and visit your blogs via your link and the page carrying your profile.

By marketing your first blog well, you will be opening up your blogs to more traffic, and with traffic coming in, your blogs will grow and gain more acceptance which will also help in your search engine rankings. 

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