Easy and Fast ways to promote your Blog

Since the introduction of internet and web promotions, blogs are the biggest advantage to most of the writers and others, who would like to express their views effectively to the outside world. Nowadays, most of the people have their own blogs and they use their blog as a tool for different purposes like marketing, advertisement, web promotions, Articles, etc… Creating your own blog is a very simple process just like filing up of a form. But, most of the bloggers are not conscious of how to get their blogs to be known to the outside world for generating more traffic to their blog. Some of the easy and fast ways to promoting your blog are given below:

Interesting subject

The very important step is to make sure that your blog has an interesting subject. When you are writing about your professional life in your blog, keep in mind that you might find your professional life enthralling, but it might be boring for others to read that information. So, better try to make your blog interesting, which will attract more traffic to your website.


Key word rich

After choosing a subject for your blog, make sure that the contents are relevant to the subject. If the content is irrelevant, it might bore the readers. It is better to make your content rich in key word, so that search engines might select your blog and give a good ranking to your blog.

Search engine ranking

Search engine ranking will be a perfect way to promote your website. If you get a higher ranking in search engines, it will definitely increase the traffic of your blog. But, getting higher rank in search engines is difficult. If your blog appears in the fourth or fifth page of the search results, the chances of your blog being viewed by others is very less. So, try to improve the search engine ranking of your website by using contents rich in key words in your blog.

Marketing through video websites

Nowadays, video websites are becoming popular and there are different video websites, which allow free uploading of videos. So, you can advertise your blog through video websites, which has the potential to promote your blog. For advertising your blog through video website, you should create a video, this can be created with the help of your web camera. Your video advertisement should clearly specify the intention and theme of your blog. You can also show some screen shots of your blog in your video advertisement in such a way that it will attract the viewer to visit your blog.

Social networking websites

You can advertise your blog through social networking websites like facebook, twitter, etc…and some of the social networking sites enables marketing of your blog. Here, you can provide the links to your blog. This link might be in the form of attractive words or sentences in such a way that the viewer gets interested in visiting your blog.

Forum Posting

Forum posting is also another highly effective way to promote your blog, Don’t spam on forum, do proper posting, reply to thread that you have knowledge in. If the thread is asking for help in your niche area, do reply to the thread with your answer to the best of your knowledge. People reading the thread will value your feedback and answer and they will click on your links to get more information on that particular topics. 

Hope, the above-mentioned tips will help you to promote your blog quickly and bring more visitors to your Blog.

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