It takes Money to earn Money

There is this famous saying that “There is no free lunch in this world” How true does it reflect in blogging?

Well, from my experience in the business world, It takes money to earn money and it is true. In a brick and mortar company, Services business and Blogging also. There would be people telling you that “blogging is free and you can sign up blogging account for free”. That would only be true to a certain extend.

When I started out on my main business years back, We were a bit lucky to get a rental free place to setup our business. So we thought that by just pulling our resources together we will have a business running. We started to bring things from our house to the office and start running our business.


But then we were wrong, We need cash to buy products and we need cash to buy tools, we need cash to pay our utilities bills and so on. We need cash when clients order a computer system, we need to buy the parts first and then sell it to our clients. Money is needed and we could not do anything without money, especially after the Asian Financial Crisis, suppliers do not give terms, all purchases are based on COD. Therefore we need cash to run our business.

It is the same for blogging also. when I started out hobby blogging by signing up for a and account. It was free, but I felt that I was restricted, Like my post on going towards professional blogging, I could not have the flexibility of doing a lot of things, As a techie myself, I hate to be restricted when it comes to technology stuff.

I decided to go on the platform. By doing so, I knew that I would incur money. I’m not one who will settle for free hosting, because it comes with a lot of pop up and ridiculous ads which will not appeal to readers who comes into my site. I actually spent zero money on this because all along I already have my own hosting services, but in business term, this is still another department and should have it’s own ROI also. I need to purchase a theme for my site, I started out with a free theme, but restriction and lack of support lead me to purchase a premium theme. Then there is the design stuff, I got my designers to do up banners and logo for my site, this cost money also.

You definitely need money to get started first before you start bringing in money on your site. I firmly believe that there is no free lunch in this world, but then on the internet, there is budget and premium lunch available, depending on your budget, plan your budget carefully and try to stretch your dollar, every cents counts and I am sure that you will be able to blog on your niche in a more happy way.

When comparing a brick and mortar business to a blogging business, the cost involved is definitely much lower and easier to start, but do bear in mind that this is also the main reason why so many bloggers fail when they turn professional blogging. Because the cost involved is low the reason for giving up is also easier, since there is no much loss incurred.

I wish you all happy blogging and do e-mail me if you need help, I’m will be happy to be of help.

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