“Image” in Business Blogging

I have touch on this in some of my post before, but then I decided to compile some of my thoughts on this and present it together in a single post.

Business image, is how you present yourself to your clients. It will determine what type of clients you can have bring you up or down the ladder in the business world. There is a Chinese saying that “ Man depends on the clothes he wear and Buddha depends on their statue” literally, I hope I got it right. When someone comes into your web site or blog. There is some basic must have things to attract them and to have them read more into your business products and services.

What are the basic needs for a Web Site or Blog. I will highlight all the requirements that are a must have which I accumulate through my years of experience based on my own.



Very important, or I must say ultra important in serving your pages to your readers or clients. Human are getting more and more impatience when it comes to loading of Web Sites, if your pages takes more than 10 seconds to load, then I would say that you have in fact lost at least  50% of business opportunity.

I can safety say this because, in my own case, for any sites that takes more than 15 seconds to load, I will close my browser for that page and move on to other sites. I consider myself a patient person when it comes to loading of sites, because I knew the fact that sometimes it is my own ISP which is lagging or there is too many hops to reach that particular server.

But for normal users, I have gathered feedback from friends and clients of mine and the average is somewhere between 8 to 12 seconds. It can further break down into age group, sex, computing knowledge. which will generate many results. but we shall be safe if we are within this average.

Pages Readability

I have come across too many sites that have the words and background that are conflicting each other so bad that it strain your eyes when you start to read the pages. In this type of cases, most people will not stay at your site for more than 10 seconds, I can also tell you that they will never bookmark your site nor come back to your site, unless they are taking your site as an example.


Design play a big part in retaining your readers on your site. By design in this case, I’m also referring to placement of your graphics and color matching for your over site. Try putting a pink color theme for a technology site. and chances are the first thought that came to the reader mind is that this is a porn site, or a site targeting ladies readers. This is an extreme example, but in reality certain color will relate to certain thing, so choose your color theme properly.

Don’t put too fanciful graphics on your site which are non-related or in appropriate. Also don’t have too much also, although “picture say a thousand words”  having too much in a single page will hamper your loading time which will lead to slow loading of your pages and you will lose your readers.


Have a proper systematic approach on links and check on your links regularly. Ensure that your menu and your sub menu are related which are very basic common sense, but trust me, I have seen some really bad example. if the main menu is on your services, then sub menu should only contain your services, and not some other topics.

Do also ensure that when you are referring to some internal pages, or external site as an example do have a hyperlink created for the convenience of your readers, they will appreciate it, but a word of advise, have it open on a new browser when hyper linking to external sites. This is very important because you create the links for them for convenience, but you do not want to lose them to the external site also. have it open in a new browser so that when they are done with the other site and close that page, your page is still there and they can continue reading where they left off.

Check on your external links regularly, Ensure that the site or pages your are referring to is still there and not moved. I have encountered lots of broken links and could not get the information I needed. Therefore do check them and make sure that the sites you are referring to is still around. I really appreciate sites with good links and it will leave a good image to me, for site with bad links and so on, it will lower your creditability.


What I have mentioned above are the basic that your site must have in order to retain your clients or readers coming to your site for the first time. To make them bookmark your site and come back, you must prove to be of credibility and also have good contents to make them come back for more information.

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