Making it easy for your readers to find you

Using myself as an example, as I normally spent 70% of my computing time online. I myself am a Bookmarker, I will bookmark a site and add it to my favorites. As my list consist of hundreds of book marks, sometimes even I myself have difficulty locating any of the sites that I want to refer back to, and if I really cannot find it, I will give up and do another google search to look for references.

So what are the ways to leave a trace for bookmarkers to find you. There are simply only 3 way and there are easy.


Having a favicon is a real easy and the best way for your readers to remember you, Use your logo or an unique icon to represent your site, Usually under the bookmark/favorite list your favicon will be displayed also. When your readers browse through their book marks list they will be able to pick up your links easily with the favicon.

You can check out this site to create your own favicon, It’s free


Name of your Home Page

By default, adding a book mark to the book mark list, the browser will set the page title as the default book mark name. So make it a point that every page title of your site or at least the name of the home page is unique as normally internet users will go to the home page and click on the add book mark link when they are really interested in your site. Make sure that it does represent your site, making it easy for your readers to pick up the book mark link. I have come across too many links that simply have “home” , “blog” & “Making Money” very simple description, this will never help when your readers wants to go back to your site, because when they scroll down the list, there names will not get register anything about you and chances are if they can’t find it, they never will.

Adding a Book Mark links on your page

Try adding a bookmark link on your site, for bookmarkers to click and add the links to their book mark list. This will make it more convenient for them. As you know that sometimes it is these few convenient things that you have on your site to make it easy for reader to remember and find you. You can check out this link to create a simple link for adding book marks for your readers using IE. The benefit of adding this link is that you also get to specify the book mark’s name in any way you want if you want something different from your own title page description.

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