Will Blogging Pay off ?

“Yes and No”. That’s as good as not answering the questions.

Let me ask you another questions, Will running your own business succeed ? My answer is Yes and No also. That’s right nobody can give you a definite answer, the very important factor lies on yourself, Yes, only you will know, Nobody in this world can guarantee you success in blogging, they can help you, they can guide you, they can even give you a portion of their business to get you going, but ultimately in the end it depends on how you bring your site to the world, how FOCUS are you on your business.

Frankly let me tell you, I have been earning money from my site, though not a lot, but then this is also real earning. Money from affiliates and from my skill setting up sites for clients. If you are thinking of making lots of money right from the start, then you might be disappointed, unless you really have a very good idea or really lucky. If not take it a step at a time.

You will start to earn money, only when you provide something of value to your readers, something useful to your readers, or you have a real useful products for your readers. There is a lot of ways to earn online, and different people will tell you different ways which is true also, as in the real world, as long as you have an idea, products, services or you have something that someone needs, you can make money. As easy as that.

How much you can earn depends a lot on you yourself, it depends on how far you can project your idea to, how many people is interested in your products or services. How you bring your site to the world, how you project yourself, how sincere you are. Blogging is sometime more personal, because you relay a message to your readers and you interact with your readers. Been true and sincere will definitely helps in bringing readers back to your site for more useful information that they needs.

I will be pushing out more articles on Relationship Management with readers throughout this year. They are based on real experience gained from my 13 years in business. I might not be some business Gurus, but then I hope to write down all my experience and skills acquired over the years and hope that most of it will be useful for you in your daily work, business and also online business.

Some of you might think that your brick and mortal business experience is of no help to my online business. Well this is what I have to say, success depends a lot on yourself. How you work, how you interact with clients and how you project yourself is really very important.

Well let me sign off here and wishing you all a Happy Easter Day. God Bless you all and your Family.

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