Benefits of a Blog for Business Part 1

Blogging till now has revolve to a lot more than just a online personal diary.

Blogs of today can do just as much as what you want it to do, Show case your business products, create a hot topics and have online discussion around the whole world and Selling your products online just to name a few.

Best of all is WordPress has made it so simple for everyone to go online, Just 15 years back, Anyone who wants to go online to sell their products would have to fork out thousands and if not, 10 of thousands of dollars to get everything done up by a provider.  But not everyone has that much money to put their products online.

With wordpress and it’s thousands of Plugins, Now anyone can go online and sell their products, wordpress is free, most of the plugins are free also, therefore it cuts down startup cost by more than a fraction.

With it’s low startup cost, many business now have a business blog especially for sme who are looking at a cheaper alternative to put their products online. With more themes offering static home page, like frugal, which I’m using, it looks more like a typical business website and it’s definitely the fastest and most economically way to go online.

Depending on what expertise you have and what expertise you require, you can go online as fast as within 2 working days and as low as $ 100.00 or even lower, if you go for free themes that are available online also.

Will I look cheap using wordpress as my company website ?
Well I definitely don’t think so, With proper design and layout, your blog can be as professional as a normal website. With the benefits of simple updating of articles and contents, this is the best way to self manage your own contents and article.

Business of today have needs to go online and showcase their products, be it globally or locally, you need to have an online presence for your clients to look at what you have to offer. If you don’t have a web presence, prospect clients won’t be able to find you. and also won’t be able to have a better picture of your offerings and products.

People of today use the internet to find new products, to source for new products, and to make new business venture online. If you have yet to make yourself online do it now, don’t wait.

If you have a website showcasing your products, do you need a business blog. The answer is yes. Why ? Because as I have mentioned it my why blog post, Use your blog to communicate and engage your clients, Post your company activities, your milestone, your projects, your company life, event and happenings on your blog, engage your clients and prospect. Reply to their comments, communicate with them, and win more clients.

On the next Part, I will highlight on more benefits of Blogging for Business,
Stay tuned.

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