Benefits of a Blog for Business Part 2

Welcome back to our topics of Benefits of Business Blogging,

Beside Low Cost, Easy Implementations, Clients Engagements. We still have a lot of benefits of a business blog.

Know your clients needs, With comments and feedback, you will have a better understanding of your clients needs and requirements, you can then fine tune your products to their requirements, this beats engaging research company to do research for you. You have direct feedback from your clients.

Approachable, A blog makes you more approachable, as leaving comments and feedback beats making a phone call. People are normally more reluctant to make a phone call than to leave a comments, Personally I love to make comments also. It also save cost if it’s a overseas call.

Mailing list is another benefits of blogging, Engage your clients, make them feel comfortable with you and offer them subscription to your mailing list, with a huge mailing list, marketing your products will have higher chances of closing more sales.

Offer perks for signing up to your mailing list, make effort in maintaining the mailing list and should you be able to build up a huge mailing list, you will definitely be more successful in product launches.

Exposure from the Search Engine, I have read an article before which mention that Google love wordpress. Post new contents regularly and you will have better and better ranking on Google search page in your area of niche, imagine having first page ranking on your products, you will experience tremendous exposure for your products.

In short, Business blogging is for every company be it whether you already have your own website or not, On the internet we love reading, and whoever provide real and informative contents will get readers and exposure.

Whoever you are, A business owner, new startup, insurance agent, finance broker, home office providing services and consultants works, Start a blog, you won’t regret it, but please bear in mind that, you need to keep updating your blog, if a reader comes to your blog and find that the article is not updated regularly, that’s it, they are not coming back again.

I wish you all the best in blogging, and do leave a comment or e-mail me should you have any queries of questions.  I can be reached at

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