Blogger Tools

Programs and online solutions that are commonly used by myself and bloggers for their site, Some are commercial tools some are free tools. If you have a great tool, please let me know, I will add it here.

Applications & Desktops Tools


Mozilla Firefox
This is a browser, I know, but I just love the firefox browser with the add on that are available, I can’t live without it.

Filezila FTP Program 
A easy, free and fast FTP Program. It really is a must have tools for uploading file to your host.

Notepad ++ 
Notepad ++ a free and handy editing tools, especially good when you need to put in some code or check the source file

Windows Live Writer  
Desktop based WYSIWYG editor for your blogging, Easy to setup and easy to use   

A free tool for editing images for your web design or banners if you intend to DIY and purchasing Firefox or Photoshop is way beyond your budget. The interface is different from Photoshop and Firefox, but once you got used to it, you should be ok with it, and since it’s free why not give it a try


Online Applications and Solutions

These are some of the provider for E-mail auto responder, You can check out their solutions and service. For a start, Aweber do offers, a USD 1 dollar account for the first month, after which rates is at USD 19.00 per month

E-mail Auto Responder

Aweber is one of the market leader in the Auto Responder Area, Great service and support as quoted by many other bloggers.

Get Response offers a free account, but subscribers is limited to 10 only. You would probably need more subscribers limit than that, but it is a good way to find out how E-mail auto responders works and it is a good place to start with.

icontact is another provider, they have a customer base of 50,000. Pricing is very attractive and for new bloggers, their lowest price is USD 8.46 for up to 250 Subscribers, I would say it is a very attractive price per month to start with.

Quick Tell Pro is a new player in the market, I don’t know much about them yet, their pricing is very attractive, It’s about 50% less than Aweber and Get Response. 

Favicon icon builder 
For me I normally built my own, just resize your picture or banner to 16 X 16 Pixels and rename it as favicon.ico and upload it to the server, that will also do the job.

Do you need banners and logo for your blog ? A good logo and banner will definitely enhance your blog looks, it would definitely add more creditability to your blog. is providing very affordable logo and banners design. Logo at USD 27 and Banners at USD 17, I would say it’s a steal. I also got my designs from them. Do check them out, You won’t be disappointed with their service.

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