Troubleshooting Services

WordPress not showing up, plugins cannot load properly ? Widgets not showing up on your themes, having issues with your host provider ? let us know, we can help you troubleshoot your wordpress installation. Let us know of the problem that you encounter and we will let you know of the charges.

Any other issues other than the above mentioned, drop me an e-mail or  message, I will reply you on the charges.

We could not have a fixed price list for troubleshooting as not everyone have the same problem, we normally gauge the services rates by the hour and I do offer money back guarantee for problem unsolved.

My troubleshooting charges are approximately $20  to $40 per hour.  Depending on the issues and technical expertise required.  Once I receive your message, I will check through and let you know whether do I have the expertise to solve the issue that you have, and revert back to you on the charges and time needed to solve the issue, Remember, issue not solved, no charges. But payment has to be upfront. I will refund you 100% less Paypal charges incurred for issues not solved. 


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