Are you ready ?

Now that you have found yourself a niche, you are ready to get your domain name and hosting account, but are you asking yourself some questions, why do I need to go into all these trouble,, and etc all offer free blogger account, why must I spend these money.

First of all, if you are reading this page, you might most probably have an account with those blog site provider or in the struggle of choosing between having your own place or to rent a free place. I’m using an example of between buying your own house and renting a place to explain the pros and cons. let me guide you through and you might have a better idea of how you would want to look at it.

The pros of getting your own house,

1.) You can do anything you want, write anything sell anything.  
There are really cases whereby your blog with a hosted blog site will get suspended over your contents.
2.) It’s fast (that is provided you got yourself a good host)
3.) You are allowed to decorate it in whatever way you want, change a new theme everyday
Install a new plugins every hour, if you want, nobody will stop you. hosted blog site normally have some pre-defined templates for you to choose.  
4.) You are able to rank high if you implement proper SEO, getting you more visitors and more money 
5.) You can sub-rent your property and earn rental, in our case it’s through advertisement

Basically it’s the freedom  and the brand name that you will be able to create with your own domain name. Just like the freedom to do whatever you want to your own house.

The cons of having your own domain name is basically the opposite of the pros of having your own domain name.

You rent a house, you stay inside, landlord will have strict instruction, Break something, you pay a certain amount, cannot bring friends back, cannot cook, paint job cannot be changed, they like this color, do something wrong and you are out of the house, deposit won’t be refunded. If the property appreciate in value due to the neighborhood having more and more people, your owner sell it for a huge profit and leave the place, new landlord comes in, things might change for the worst or better, nobody knows. You got no control over it. Now think of it, what if you are the owner, if someone is very interested in your property and the price is right, you might just sell it to make a profit.

Still remember by Pyra Labs, it was so successful that Google bought over it. The co- owner went to Google for a year and left.

Be in control, don’t be controlled. I hope I gave you a better idea of what is the difference and had help you in making your decision. don’t blame me for being biased because I have always hate renting premises for my business. I prefer to own it than to rent it. 

Wishing you all happy house hunting and get yourself a good domain name.

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