Hosting Services

Hosting Services

Finding a good Host provider is a very important step that every blogger or company needs to make.  You don’t want to be caught in a situation whereby your server reboots every couple of hours or in the worst case your provider close down and run off, leaving you with lots of issues and data lost, which also means lost of effort and money.

Take your time and do some research for good hosting providers and if your niche is a geographical targeted, you might want to look at server hosted near to your targeted geographical area.

Use a Linux Server with PHP and MySQL support, Stay with the industry standard, Although Windows server can run WordPress. Save yourself some headache in the future, and also Linux hosting are more affordable than Windows Server.

Bandwidth transfer Monthly, Please look at your providers offering of monthly Bandwidth transfer allowed. If you are expecting high traffic volume, please select providers who offer more of bandwidth transfer.

There is also this concern were a lot of providers are offering Unlimited Bandwidth transfer, Stay only with those hosting providers that are big enough, sub hosting company offering Unlimited Bandwidth transfer usually don’t stay in the industry for long, that is because Bandwidth is never free from the Internet Services Providers, They are just signing up more than approved amount of accounts per server and hope that most accounts do not used up too much bandwidth. Once this happens, your server will be slow and browsing performance will be affected also.

We have worked with and are comfortable with this few providers listed, You might want to take a look at their rates and offers to see if any of them suits your needs and budget. If you happen to be targeting Asia region, drop me an e-mail I can give you some pricing for hosting your server in Singapore



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