Domain Name

A Domain name is a name used to represent a set of numbers called IP address on the internet, it was devised to help people remember more clearly. For example, you would definitely be able to remember more easily than

Getting a domain name from a registrar is very easy, just pop over to the registrar site prepare your credit card and register it.

The tricky part is getting a good name. For this you might need to do some thinking and research for a good name. For once you definitely won’t want to mislead your clients by registering and it turns out to be a site for forex exchange or medical issues.

Try your best to not have hyphen on the name "-" , I understand that it is a bit hard but try to work around something else beside hyphen, because there are chances that people would forget the hyphen and this will lead them to some other people site, which you don’t want.

Don’t have a domain name that is too long. People won’t remember something that is too hard to store in their brain, for example, if  my site is , chances are that no one will want to remember it. keep it short and keep it nice to remember.

If you are ready to register your domain name now, Please head over to

There is simply just too much registrar out there, find one that offers you the best value and you should be fine with it.

For those who wants more technical information on Domain Name, please  head to this page for more information.

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