WordPress Installation Guide

Installation of wordpress is really quite straight forward and simple, I have done up a step by step installation guide for those who are new to blogging. Happy reading and in case you really have difficulty installing help is just a call away.



First of all, go to www.wordpress.org and download the latest wordpress file version, Export it to a location inside your computer. 

Browse to the wordpress  folders and rename the file wp-config-sample.php to wp-config.php



Next use your editor and edit the following highlighted database information to your information, Do take note of the information as you need to key in the information later in your server cPanel.
Do take note that cPanel normally will in certain case insert your account name with a underscore before the database name that you create. therefore if you are using bloggerhelp as your database name you might need to replace putyourdbnamehere to accountname_bloggerhelp.



Logon to your cPanel and select MySQL Database 


Type in your database name which you had previously specified on the wp-config.php file


Next type in the database user name and password according to the wp-config.php file, and click on create user, After which you add the user created to the database


After you link the user to the database, you will come to the next screen whereby you have to determine the privileges of the user, in this case here, please tick on the all privileges, After this you can exit from the cPanel. and activate your FTP program for uploading of files to your server



Upload all the files inside the wordpress folder to your server, if you want your blog to be at www.yoursite.com then, upload the files into the public_html or www folder, you might want to check with your provider which folder to upload to, on some provider server, you can upload to either one. If you want you blog to be at www.yoursite.com/blog , create a folder called blog inside the public_html folder or www folder and upload your files into that folder.



After uploaded the files onto the folder on your server, point to the installation path and install your wordpress installation by going to the location of your server and the wordpress files  http://www.yoursite.com/wp-admin/install.php . Enter your blog title and your e-mail address, and click on the install wordpress button. 

There you have it, You are done, You make it. Copy down your password.


You are now ready to start blogging, login to your wordpress dashboard by going to http://www.yoursite.com/wp-admin

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