Yes, outsourcing is what every blogger will need, even I need to outsource for services also, I’m a  techie, but definitely not a designer, I just don’t have the creative mindset to design things. therefore I outsource all my design works to a close partners of mine. I outsource my company invoicing Software to another company somewhere in India.

As we all know that, Rome was not built in one night, and it is definitely not built by a single person, I believe that every individual has their own skill set, blogging require a few things other than your niche, if you are a non techie, you need a techie to help you, if your English language is not good, you need someone to proof read and alter your article.

We all need expertise help in areas which we are not the expertise, therefore in order to save time and resources, we have to outsource, it save us time and we use that time to focus on our niche and our business model. Nothing is more frustrating than trying to figure out to do something for a whole day and at the end of the day you did not make any progress at all, and that something,  someone can get it done it less than an hour.

The internet is a great place for outsourcing, because you can simply find someone doing something that you need help on. But do keep in mind that when paying for whatever services do look at the provider portfolio, track records and when corresponding with them make sure that they know what  you want and you both are on the right track. This is to avoid misunderstanding later on.

Some of the place where you can outsource your projects to companies or individual are blogs, classified ads, forums and freelancer site, specialized project based market site,

Recent technology advancement has brought new ways of providing services and solutions to companies world wide and because services and solutions are not physical products, companies can customized a software packages for a company at the other end of the globe and a lot of companies are providing their services and solutions through these specialized portal.

elance.com is one of the biggest portal for outsourcing your projects, a great site and you get very fast response from providers and because competition is very high, price tend to go very low, the flow of the process is very simple, you post a requirements, you put down your ideal price and delivery schedule, type of expertise you are are looking at and post it out. Services providers look at your tender requirements and draft out proposal and provide sample or past jobs profile for your viewing and also their costing to you. Simple as that, you receive the proposal, go through it and correspond with all providers through public Q&A or private message. Award the job to the provider who you think will best fit your job requirements.

Payment are mostly paid in phases, Providers will normally break down the job into phases and the payable amount after they complete the phase. This is a very safe mode of outsourcing because you only pay them after they show you the work.

When you contract out jobs using these portals, as it goes through the portal, all your messages and files are logged and traceable, in the case where there is a dispute, the portal will come in and meditate the case. if the provider is really not providing any works, most likely you will not need to pay anything. There is another protection level which is called funding, you fund the project and the money is held by the portal providers, Only when you are satisfied with the job that the providers provide, you release the fund, after you release the fund, the providers will then be able to get the money.

I have compiled and listed some of these portals for your reference, personally I used elance for all my outsourcing jobs. if you have any good outsourcing site, please let me know, I will post it here for all.





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