Social Media / Networking Sites

List of Social Media / Networking Sites, Well I can’t have the whole list but then I have complied some of the more high profile Social Media Sites so that you can work out on them straight. If you need the whole list, you can google for it or check out you should be able to get a very detailed list. It’s changing everyday and you could have one or two new site that pop up every other day.

Social media site are important area where you can interact with your readers and engage them, feed them with information and update them on your blogs. The key here is to keep them informed. If they do not hear from you very often, they will most probably think that you are no longer blogging. Most of the time beside emails, I go back to a blog either through the RSS feeds or through twitter or facebook  updates.

Don’t take the trouble the join every social media site, you will tire yourself out and sooner or later most of the account will become white elephant.

Concentrate on your niche and geographical zone, some social media site is popular is some area and not the whole world. Determine your niche area and zoom in on the social media site that is suitable for your niche.

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