WordPress Plugins

Plugins for wordpress is just like applications for your operating system, With the basic Operating System, you can work, but you need to have applications to work properly and efficiently.

Without Plugins, your wordpress will be pure vanilla, just write and post, you won’t be able to get much out of it. You cannot enhance your blogs, you cannot make your blog stand out from the rest.

Is plugins a must, I would say yes, and you would definitely need more than a couple of plugins, but another word of warning, more is not really good. Install only plugins that you need, don’t go on a buffet spread and install every plugins that you think is good. They do clash, and too many plugins will also slow down your wordpress site.

Over here at bloggerhelpdesk.com, we will be doing plugins reviews on the latest plugins and good plugins, We can’t possibly reviews all plugins as there are simply too much plugins out there.

We will try our best to reviews as many plugins as we can, so that all bloggers will be able gain as much information as possible.

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