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Is content really king on the internet ? That’s what a lot of site say so, even google love content, to me content is something that your reader come to your site for, but to me your reader is the king, content is food to them, it fulfill their needs. If you do not offer good food to them, you cannot retain them, same in my case, if my contents sucks, do you think you would be coming back to my site ? No, it’s true. Therefore to retain your readers, give them good food, fulfill them make them come back for more.

Having good contents is a must, but the important thing is also submitting to places where people will be able to see your contents and bring them to your site. On the internet today we have lots of article submission site, but then do you really have to submit to every site ? For my case, I do manual submission to site that I feel important and will have the most exposure.

I’m going to list down some of the more high profile article submission site which I advise you to do submission manually and then do auto submission through a provider.

List of important article site that I do manual submission to






You can really don’t follow my own list, you might want to do your own research and see which bring you the most exposure as different niche have different response on different site. You might also have a 10 must submit to article site.

After you have done manual submission, you might consider auto submission. There are just too many article sites in the world. You definitely won’t want to waste time doing manual submission to all of it, This is simply not productive enough. Most of the site charges and if you do get a free auto submission site, it might not be good also. with paid services, service provider will provide reports and offer much better assurance.

1.)  Formally known as (Paid  Services)

2.) (Paid Services)

3.) (Paid Services)

Article submission is really a must do things to get your site noted, Do remember that no matter how good your SEO is, you still need some of these article site to increase viewership to your site, there is also an added advantage, which is when user come to your site through these article site, It also means that they are interested in your article, in your niche, So you have a better chance of attracting the correct crowd to you blog.

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