Different ways to make money on your site, PPC, CPM, CPA, Affiliates Marketing, Direct Banner Sales, I’m not the expert in this area yet, I’m still learning everyday, but from my learning I have gather enough resources to compile some useful information and here you go .


PPC (Pay Per Click )

Pay per click you earn a certain amount of money from every click that your readers click on your site. It is a very fair system whereby advertiser pay a certain amount of money to the provider for every click generated to their sites, I have been advertising with google adwords and I must say that response is really good for advertiser. Providers will then split the earning between them and the site owner.

To earn enough from PPC there are basically only 2 known ways to go about it.

First, if your site has huge page views per month, Then PPC is good for you, because with more page views, the number of clicks will also increase.  If your page view is less, you will earn lesser.

Second, find very high paying keywords and move your contents towards those keywords, This bring us back to the basic of some marketing rules, If you are blogging in a very highly contested keyword area, chances are there are a lot of advertiser paying high prices for every single click to their site, Providers like google and yahoo will show their advertisement according to their keywords bid amount, If advertiser do not bid high enough for their keywords, their ads won’t be shown.

Therefore in highly contested keywords area, your earning per click will also increase, in this case you really don’t need a lot of page views, but you can still earn a decent amount.


CPM (Cost Per 1000 Impression)

CPM is another methods and is good if your site page view to click ratio is very low. In this method, you don’t need your reader to click on the banners or advertisements to earn money, every impression counts.


CPA (Cost Per Action/Acquisition) also known as PPA (depending on where you are looking from)

What I know is that CPA is Cost Per Action, and normally it require the readers to sign up for a forms, survey, questionnaire, to download a product or to complete a purchase before you get to earn that money. Very similar to PPC, but in this case there is a action to complete after the click, and that action can be anything specified by the advertiser.


Affiliates Marketing

Affiliates marketing is what I do a lot, It often require you to sign up with the provider and they will give you a link with the affiliates code in it to verify you. Basically what you do is introduce the products (truthfully) and link your readers to the site, It could be a squeeze page, it could be the main site.

I’m not sure about other affiliates marketer, but for me, If I do affiliates marketing for a products or an e-book, I felt that I have a certain responsibility towards my readers and I should have either used that products or read that e-books or in fact gather enough resources and information on that products. I seldom recommend products that I have little knowledge on.


Direct Banner Sales

Selling banner space on your site is another simple way to generate income, Do bear in mind that your rates will differs according to your page views per month and normally alexa is the preferred provider for monthly statistics on page views you have monthly. This price also depends on the topic you are blogging on and how the advertiser in your topic are advertising, if the topic that you are blogging on have little advertiser or in active advertiser, then your revenue will also be lesser, if yours is a hot topics, chances are you will have better revenue.

Depending on how you look at it, You can also have a fixed price regardless of the visitors you have per month. It’s your site and it boils down to what you want to do with it.

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