Advertise with us now, We are new, We have nothing to prove to you yet, But we are in with a bang and lots of things are lined up for our readers and advertiser.  If you don’t have any banner, don’t worry, I will get my designer to design a banner for you at no cost, it will be fully yours and you can use it to advertise at any other sites.

For the first 2 months, advertisements slots and rates will be as follow. It’s anytime from 1st November to 31st December 2009 fixed rates for 2 months one time payment only.    

Slot A  Top Right Banner 468 X 60 Pixels, USD 40.00 for 2 months

Slot B Scrolling Text Advertisements without links, USD 10 for 2 months
(Free when you advertise on the 125 X 125 Banner ads)

Slot C Platinum Sponsors Currently reserved for advertisers who sponsor lucky draw prizes of value USD 70 and above only for 1 month.

Slot D 125 X 125 Banner Ads, USD 30.00 for 2 Months

Slot E Banner after every single page article, USD 20.00 for 2 Months

Slot F Featured Links, USD 10.00 for 2 Months
Free for 1 Month for New Bloggers with domain name registered less than 1 year. 

Sponsor for Gifts

If you are interested in sponsoring products or gifts for our lucky draw/promotions, let us know of your interest. We thank you for your support.



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