Will Blogging Pay off ?

“Yes and No”. That’s as good as not answering the questions. Let me ask you another questions, Will running your own business succeed ? My answer is Yes and No also. That’s right nobody can give you a definite answer, the very important factor lies on yourself, Yes, only you will know, Nobody in this […] Read more »

Making it easy for your readers to find you

Using myself as an example, as I normally spent 70% of my computing time online. I myself am a Bookmarker, I will bookmark a site and add it to my favorites. As my list consist of hundreds of book marks, sometimes even I myself have difficulty locating any of the sites that I want to […] Read more »

“Image” in Business Blogging

I have touch on this in some of my post before, but then I decided to compile some of my thoughts on this and present it together in a single post. Business image, is how you present yourself to your clients. It will determine what type of clients you can have bring you up or […] Read more »

It takes Money to earn Money

There is this famous saying that “There is no free lunch in this world” How true does it reflect in blogging? Well, from my experience in the business world, It takes money to earn money and it is true. In a brick and mortar company, Services business and Blogging also. There would be people telling […] Read more »

Easy and Fast ways to promote your Blog

Since the introduction of internet and web promotions, blogs are the biggest advantage to most of the writers and others, who would like to express their views effectively to the outside world. Nowadays, most of the people have their own blogs and they use their blog as a tool for different purposes like marketing, advertisement, […] Read more »